Day Thirteen

I am grateful for the lessons I learned when I ran my own business. I started it from my bedroom. I began calling around to people that I new and asking if I they had any design work for me to do. While none seemed to present itself, I had one client ask me if I could get signs for them. It peaked my interest and started me on an incredible journey, including opening an office, learning photography and building sales reporting tools for the company. I met a lot of interesting people and was schooled by life’s tough lessons. All those experiences prepared me for the future.

I am grateful for music. I didn’t really appreciate music until I got older and began to find my taste. My wife tells me I am old soul and that seems to fit my taste in music. I love big band, oldies, jazz, soul, and the classic crooners like Sinatra and Martin. My father in law introduced me to Johnny Cash and country music, which I love. Music calms me, it helps me focus. I love the stories it tells with words and melodies.

I am grateful for my little radio that I bought from Radio Shack. On it I listened to the Mariners beat the Yankees for the first time in the playoffs. I listened to the Trail Blazers play against the legendary Michael Jordan in the NBA championships and I many nights instead of going to sleep I listened to Old Time Radio with Stan Freeburg. Freeburg was a voice over actor for many years and is credited as the Beaver in Lady and the Tramp as well as numerous animated cartoons. I learned an incredible appreciation of the power of the voice. I love old radio shows from the 20s – 40s during the golden age of radio. Never is a scary story so real as when you are picturing it in your mind, late at night, under the covers.

So those are my reflections tonight. What are you grateful for?


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