Day Eleven

I am grateful for the friends that loved my wife enough to look our for her. For those that don’t know, my wife saw me in the jewelry store where I worked long before I met her. She had asked her friends to visit the store and ask me questions. Looking back, I’m sure it was at least four groups of friends that came through and scoped me out. It wasn’t until after she had received their approval that she asked me to coffee.

I am grateful for the stories that my dad told me as a child. My dad told me stories throughout most of my childhood, but the ones that stick out are the ones he told me while we lived in Pennsylvania. My dad was attending school, and we would walk from our house to the school nearly every day. My dad told epic stories, usually involving children battling monsters and defeating them with the help of God. I hope that I can captivate my daughters imagination the way my dad did mine.

I am grateful for learning about my family heritage. Recently, my wife and I subscribed to and began digging. While my wife’s family has been in this country nearly 300 years, my family all mostly arrived in the late 1800s. I found out that both of my grandmothers grew up in orphanages in San Francisco. My mom never new that as my grandmother had kept it a secret, even from her. I also connected with my dad’s cousins, my dad had not seen them since he was eleven years old.

I appreciate all of the warm wishes from readers of this blog. It is humbling to read. What are you grateful for?


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