Day Eight

Good Sunday evening all.

I am grateful for prayer with my wife. It is so comforting to approach the Father together. We’ve been married over 12 years and every time we pray together I know that we are united in our commitment to each other and to God. Even though we have been through some very trying times, I feel at peace when we pray.

I am grateful for this time with my daughter. I have had almost three months to be home with my wife and daughter. I don’t know many fathers that get that opportunity. I am so excited to watch her grow up.

I am grateful that I got the opportunity to hire some amazing people while at T-Mobile. Even though I no longer at T-Mobile I built lasting relationships that I treasure.

What are you grateful for?


Day Seven

Have you ever stopped and considered what led you to this point in your life? I am choosing to look back and consider all of the things for which I’m grateful.

I’m grateful for a glass of wine after a long day. I’ve never been much of a drinker, in fact, my parents never had to worry, I never wanted any alcohol. But, I’ve come to appreciate a drink now and then, a slow unwind.

I’m grateful for books. When I was very little, my parents read to me all the time, and I credit them for my verbal skills. As I grew older, I chewed through books with a vengeance. I couldn’t get enough. I hope Genevieve finds that love of books. In fact, we’ve started reading to her.

I’m grateful for the manager that hired me at my first jewelry store. It was an incredible winter in Washington, the snow was deep and I didn’t have a car. I remember taking the bus to the mall because I needed to find a job. I was wearing my snow clothes, layers of tee shirts and sweatshirts, certainly not the attire for job hunting. I walked into the first jewelry store I saw hoping to get an application. But, when I asked for the application, the manager came out from behind the counter. It was an impromptu interview, and somehow, he liked what I said and hired me on the spot. I can’t really explain why it happened, but I’m glad it did because that experience change my life. A few years later, in that very store, I met my wife.

By the way, this is my daughters 11 week birthday. Happy birthday little darling. I’m glad to be your dad.

What are you grateful for?

Day Six

Good evening friends,

I am grateful that my wife has met some wonderful ladies who have become friends. Currently she’s out with them enjoying a well deserved night on the town. It’s moment’s like this that make me glad to be dad. As I’m writing this, my daughter is fast asleep, swinging.

I am grateful for my father in law, Dave. We moved in to his house three years after getting married. I came to appreciate what a tremendous man he is. The first day I met him he welcomed me, it happened to be his daughter’s second date with me. And he’s one of the best cooks around. I miss Saturday morning breakfasts.

I am grateful for the helpful advice that people offered after Genevieve was born. I’ve found that, because babies change so rapidly, what works one day doesn’t work the next. My only advice to new parents is, “Somehow, with a little prayer, you’ll muddle through.”

Night all. By the way, what are you grateful for?

Day Five (on a roll)

Tonight’s post jumps around a little. A few things struck me today so I compose the following:

1. I am grateful for laughter. No matter what kind of day I’ve had, no matter how I’m feeling, a little laughter settles me down and makes me forget my problems. I love a good joke, that startling moment when the story takes a twist and you have to laugh out loud.

2. I am grateful that my dad spent time each summer when I was growing up to teach me how to think about the world. He taught me that the world is connected and that ideas are powerful. He taught me that liberal arts does not mean PBS and that learning doesn’t only happen in the classroom. I owe my intellectual viewpoint to my dad. I hope I can pass on a little of that wisdom to my daughter.

3. I am grateful for the friends I’ve made in Virginia. It has been a wild ride since our arrival, but through it all our friends have prayed with us. It is comforting to know we have family everywhere we go.

That’s all tonight. With this post, I’m a quarter of the way to my goal, 20 days of gratefulness. Why don’t you join me? What are you grateful for?

Day Four

Better late than never.

1. I am grateful for the incredible roller coaster ride at T-Mobile. It was an impulse that compelled me to apply for a job in Washington DC. Almost four years later, I have learned an enormous amount about business and people management. Thank God for his lessons in life.

2. I am grateful for the people that supported us as we moved to DC, both our friends back home and our new friends we found when we arrived. May God richly bless you.

3. I am grateful for a wife that has a talent for leadership and encouragement. Everyday I marvel at the way she loves me.

Well, see you tomorrow. By the way, what are you grateful for?

Day Three

Good evening, I’m continuing my 20 days of gratefulness.

1. I am grateful for the people contributed that contributed to my first trip to Washington DC. I was asked by the Leadership Institute to intern in the winter of ’96. Much of my trip was sponsored by some amazing people. That experience launched many years of exciting political adventures.

2. I am grateful for my wife working as I attended school. I can remember that at times, after the rent was paid, we only had $300 to live on for the month, but somehow God pulled us through.

3. I am grateful for tonights meal, chicken and pineapple by the way. It reminds me that God will supply all our needs.

What are you grateful for?

Day Two

Good morning.

This is day two of my journey to remind myself why I’m grateful.

1. I am grateful to have been raised by wonderful parents. As I was growing up, I took for granted that I had two parents that loved me and sacrificed to provide for me. I realize now what a rare and wonderful gift that was.

2. I am grateful for the opportunity to attend a private school. Even though my parents couldn’t afford it, the school provided a scholarship. Those were the best years of learning and development.

3. I’m grateful for a terrific family of in-laws. I am so glad I got to know Nikki’s grandpa Larry before he went home to be with the Lord.

Join me, won’t you, in discovering what makes you grateful.

See you tomorrow.


Day One

Practice makes perfect, so here I am committing to write a little each day.

My daughter Genevieve was born February 11, 2012 after twelve years of trying. I won’t go into the details now, but it will suffice to say I was head over heals in love with our little bundle.

Shortly before her birth I was let go from a company I had worked for and poured my heart into for almost six years. But my attention soon turned toward my daughter and what she needed from me. I won’t tell you it is easy to care for newborn, in fact, my admiration for my wife has grown enormously (even though I didn’t think that was possible.) I was entirely wrapped up in changing diapers, feeding, and rocking Genevieve to sleep. Most fathers never get this kind of opportunity to spend quantity time with a new baby. I am so grateful to God for this gift.

But now I face a task of finding a job and need some motivation. So here’s my plan. It’s not really original, but I think it might help. I’m gong to use this blog as a way of documenting things in my life for which I am grateful. Here are the rules:

1. Write three things everyday for 20 days for which you are grateful.
2. Never repeat any item.

I hope you will join me by listing your own as well. Here are my first three.

1. I am grateful for God’s saving grace, that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
2. I am grateful that my wife saw me in the jewelry store where I worked and decided, after 6 months, to ask me on a date.
3. I am grateful for the friends that came to our aid when we we first married and brought us groceries.

See you tomorrow!